How to kill the virus SHORTCUT

How many days is neglected due to the administration of the virus called MICROSOFT, HARRY POTTER and work together to create a SHORTCUT to almost all the existing folders.

I have to try to get information on how to kill this virus. From some info I received, finally tried the two steps manually and install antivirus and …. successful.

1. Turn off system restore.
2. Switch off the virus with Hijackthis or currprocess. Kill the process “wscript.exe”
3. Open the Windows Explorer | Folder Options and then Check “Show hidden files”, continues to lose also check “hide extension for known files” & “hide protected operating system files”.
4. Go to “my documents” continue search “database.mdb”, remove when found.
5. Continue to search with the keyword “thumb.db; Autorun.inf” (without the quotes). Choose advanced, and check Search system folders, Search Hidden Files & folders. Delete all found, except that related to Autorun software (usually a warning when the associated application)
6. Search again with the keyword “*. lnk” (without quotation marks), and delete all the shortcuts yellow (usually called the Microsoft, harry potter, new folder).
To ensure that no infected again, on the Run —> msconfig -> services. Uncheck the option “shell hardware detection”.
The most effective way is to install a good antivirus program on your computer. With this antivirus, SHORTCUTs caused by this virus will be deleted automatically.


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